Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Poll is Closed

23 people voted on what they would like to wear as a bridesmaid.

Only 22 people voted for the three bodice options, half of you picked a v-neck (11), whereas of the other 11 bodice votes, almost twice as many of you would rather wear sweetheart (7) than strapless (4). I'm wondering if that means one of you did not like any of the options? Anyway, MOH Joce inititally agreed with most of you, preferring v-neck so she could wear a proper and non-strapless bra. I made her try on a bunch of dresses, including a v-neck option, a sweetheart neckline and a strapless neckline, Joce was torn between the strapless and the sweetheart.

Again, only 22 of the 23 of you voted for the length options. Does that mean that 1 of you did not like any of the length options? Mini-skirt, maybe? :) Anyway, most of you (15) preferred tea-length dresses, over floor (5) and sweep (2) options.

For the cut or shape of the skirt, 3 of you like ballgowns, 14 prefer a-line, and 4 of you like trumpet (mermaid). I presume that means 3 of you didn't like any of the options? The problem with full ballgown skirts is they are cumbersome, and can become quite hot. The concern many of you have with trumpet style skirts is probably that only certain body-types look good in this style. A-line skirts are universally flattering.

I gave my bridesmaids between two dresses, one of which is the sweetheart-strapless, the other is a strapless bodice. When looking at all the dresses, Joce vetoed the v-neck dress. Both dress are floor-length and a-line. I really struggled between the floor length, which is timeless, and the tea-length, which is fun. Ultimately, there are more floor length options, which helped me to make the decision.

I am also wondering if those of you who didn't vote on some of the categories did not have a preference? Anyway, I'm glad I got so many votes, to gauge what you would like in a bridesmaid dress when you're the bridesmaid!

Tomorrow, I'll re-post the 2 dresses the girls are chosing between.


melissa said...

Hmmm... I wonder if people just didn't notice your instructions to pick one of each. Not that they had no opinion.

I am sure whatever they choose it will look great.

Krista said...

Melissa - I think you may be right. I prefer to think it's more to do with the girls preferring mini-skirts. (Yeah, right.)