Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did you enter the contest yet? has a pretty sweet give-away. Enter, and you could win $1500 toward any dress on their website. Almost all prices on the website are American. All prices below are American.

So here's what I fantastize about getting if I were to win:

Pronovias, $700:
I love the wrap on this dress. Love, love, love it!

A Monique L'huillier "copy", $800:
I'm conflicted. It's a copy, which rips off a designer. But it's affordable, which a Monique L'huillier dress is not. But it a copy, and you'd be buying it unseen, which I think makes it a bit of a gamble.

Pronovias's very popular Diamante, $1400:
Note: the regular price of this dress in Toronto was $1400 Canadian new, which works out to roughly $1100 American. This dress was purchased by the seller for $1800 for her wedding. Just because a dress was purchased for more, doesn't mean it's a good price: there is a huge variation between different bridal stores, and as designs "age", the prices drop. So do your homework to find out if a price is a good price!

Casablanca, $1600:
This dress looks a lot like one of the dresses Cyd tried on. Beautiful!

Casablanca, $1600:
I love the neckline on this dress! LOVE IT!

Unknown designer (maybe a Casablanca or Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress), $250:
Isn't the skirt sooo adorable?

Moonlight, $375:
This is somewhat similar to my own dress, but it's the closest you'll get to see until after the wedding! If I bought this, it would totally be for a trash-the-dress photography session. I couldn't bear to trash my dress. But a similar dress that's cheaper (ahem, free through a contest) - sure! Still, I'd be more inclined to get more of the other dresses instead.

Oh, and why am I entering when I already have a dress? I could get a party dress for the reception! That's why. I'd like something to dance in!

You should enter, too! So, what are you waiting for? You know what to do! (The above dresses are between sizes 10 to 16.) Click here to enter! Good luck!


Cyd said...

That first Casablanca actually IS my dress! And I tried on the second one, too.

No worries, I've been entering, too. It can't hurt to try!

Contest Chris said...

I think my wife would think it a bit strange if I enter. Good luck to you though!

Brunhilda said...

I entered! Thanks for the link.