Monday, February 9, 2009

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses contest

I posted about this contest four weeks ago, but I thought I should mention it again. is sponsoring a contest for a free wedding dress up to $1500. Not too shabby!

A couple of the dresses on there have not been used, which makes for a bargain. Unless the bride says she changed her mind in the post, don't ask why the dress has not been used. You don't want to know. :)

In addition, several of the dresses advertise that they were "only worn once". Um ... is that really a "selling feature" that you only wore your wedding dress once? There are exceptions - such as destination brides who may wear their dress again to their hometown reception after getting married, or the rare two-day bride (like Cyd) - but most brides only wear their dress once*. If you get re-married, wouldn't it just be tacky to wear the same dress you wore for your first wedding? And for what other reason (other than the two I listed) would you wear your dress more than once? I'm just saying!

You can enter once per day per email address up to February 28th.

*Or the even more rare nut-job who wears her dress to restaurants/bars in August for no reason other than to wear her dress again! If you see two ladies doing that in Watertown or Kingston, that's just Cyd & me getting the value out of our dresses. And maybe a free martini or two.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

LOL. You and Cyd need a 3rd gal to make it like the Friends episode.

Krista said...

It's so true! I never thought of that!

AmyJean said...

I am going to enter daily! :)

Cyd said...

I seriously just can't wait for our Wedding Dress Saturday dates in August! ;-) It's going to be a blast.