Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cyd summed it all up

I blink whenever my picture is taken. And I'm not particularly photogenic most of the time. But here's attempt 73:

You can read all about it here, because it was so well summed up. Being Wade's birthday, I shouldn't spend any more time blogging than I "need" to; although "needing" to blog is subjective. I say I do; Wade says I don't. :)


jane in the waiting line said...

ahhh how exciting! this boggles my little blog brain, but how cool.

AmyJean said...

What a great photo! :)

London bride said...

Yeay :) Such fun you met.

melissa said...

That is really fun that you met up. The blogosphere is so cool.

Carly said...

Awww, two of my favorites! So happy to see you met up. It makes me sad that I no longer live in Ithaca, NY. I would've been so much closer to both of you.

Cute picture! :)