Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things done this week-end:

-Had a dress fitting (went well)
-Bought a card box (well, I bought a box that I glued the lid on and Wade cut a hole in)
-Had the groomsmen over for a barbecue and gave them their groomsmen gifts
-Bought flip flops at Old Navy for guests

The groomsmen each got a different "experience" themed gift based on their interests:
-Groomsman Greg like music, so he got a ticket to a Green Day concert (we "happen" to have tickets to the same show in seats beside his);
-Groomsman Dinger likes Nascar, so he got tickets to next week-end's Nascar race (he already knew he was going and thought he was paying for his ticket to next week-end's annual trip to Nascar; this was just a pleasant surprise);
-Groomsman Dave got tickets to a Toronto Blue Jays game (his wife had helped us pick out a date for them to go up);
-Groomsman Mark got a gift certificate for green fees for 3 rounds at a golf course near him (one of his favourite things);
-Best Man Ryan got a fancy-schmancy barbecue set and a gift certificate so that he can take his wife and two sons to the movies (two of his favourite things!).
They were all thrilled with their gifts!

Goals for this week:
-Finish the escort cards and place cards;
-Go over the ceremony with the minister;
-Book rail travel for Europe (if time permits);
-Practice our first dance;
-Pick up a guest book.


Mo said...

Those are such generous and personalized gifts! What lucky groomsmen.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Seriously, you guys are the best bride and groom EVER. Such amazing gifts. I once got a travel swiss army knife for a bridesmaid gift. (Nothing wrong with a swiss army knife, just so NOT me).

Krista said...

I don't think the bridesmaid gifts are quite as exciting. They are certainly meaningful and useful, but not as exciting. I have a post on it for when I'm away - I'll have an average of 4 posts per week when I'm on the honeymoon, so you can read about it while I'm away.

Nicole said...

Great gifts, Krista! You must be getting super pumped about the big day. It will be beautiful. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Carly said...

Fabulous gifts!! How generous!! I'm tired just looking at your lists. Good luck with everything!!!

Krista said...

Haha, I'm tired, too! But Wade makes me feel tired when he nags (ahem, I mean, reminds) me of what we have left to do!