Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shower #1: Saturday, May 2nd

My grandma hosted a shower for family & family-friends on Saturday, May 2nd. Here are some of the pictures:

In the above pictures: cake; Kate, me and MOH Joce; Wade's mom Mary, her best-friend Stella, Wade's Aunt Lorraine and Wade's cousin's spouse Kate. Kate was fantastic, helping Jocelyn and I to track gifts!

In the above pictures: Mom (in an unflattering angled picture), her very close friend Gerri and her best friend Jackie, Wade's Aunt Sharon (who is Jackie's sister - small world, eh?), Mary and Stella; Lorraine and Kate; Lorraine, Kate, me and Jocelyn.

In the above pictures: more of the same people: Lorraine, Kate, me and Jocelyn. (I'm doing this in order we're seen, hence why I'm not "last" as is typically considered polite.)

In the above pictures: um, more of the same people. In the picture on the left, you can see the back of Gerri's head, the back of my mom's head, the back of my Aunt Linda's head, the side of my grandma's head in the bottom right corner, the side of Laura's head (Diana's daughter, and younger sister of a friend of mine who couldn't attend as she's studying in Australia!), the side of Diana's head (family friend and wife of one of the m.c.s) and the side of Sue's head (family friend and wife of the other of the m.c.s).

In the above pictures: more of Jocelyn and me. Note to Jocelyn: using tape to stick the "ribbon bonnet" to my head was not a good idea. What on earth made you think it was? :)

In the above pictures: the food spread, and Laura playing her piccolo solo for us. I can't believe Laura - what a sweetheart! - she brought her piccolo in the hopes she could play a piece for me! It was quite lovely.

Note: some of the last pictures are a little blurry because the camera is moody. I got this camera during the Boxing Day sales last December, and while it can be great, it can also be annoying. Thanks for taking these pictures, Janis! (95% of the pictueres were amazing, which is a much better success rate than I have with the camera, so you did amazing!)

A couple of notes: my Aunt Janis didn't make any pictures (being the photographer), my Aunt Ruth somehow missed all the pictures, and my grandma and Aunt Linda missed most of the pictures, too. But they were there!

And did you see the corsage (pale yellow carnations) I'm wearing? My grandma got it for me, as well as a similar pale pink corsage for my mom and for Mary. Isn't that gorgeous? I thought it was - and it lived for a few days after!

And the floating balloons my grandma put beside me? Yeah, the one balloon is still floating. Seriously!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Aww, you look cute with your hat. hehehe. that cake look yummy.

Krista said...

The cake was soooo yummy and fresh. Vanilla - my favourite! And I was (pleasantly) surprised that it was done by Loblaws. It was sooo good!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oooh, Loblaws does do a good cake. I'm a Vanilla fan too.