Thursday, May 28, 2009

Groomsman Barbecue: Pictures!

Remember the Groomsman's Barbecue I told you about? Here are some pictures!

Above: Pamela, baby Charlie, Dave, and Wade's side; Groomsmen Mark, Dinger and Greg; and Mark.

Above: More pictures of the same people - Mark, Dinger, Greg, Pamela, baby Charlie and Dave. You can see how pleased Dave looks with his tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays. He was even more pleased when I told him Charlie could go and he didn't even need a seat!

Above: more of the same people. In the picture on the right, you can really see Greg's look of happiness as he opens his gift and realizes what it is. I don't think he had any clue. (That's an extremely emotional expression for Greg.)

Above: More of Mark and Dinger, but you can also see Best Man Ryan in these pictures.

Above: More pictures after they've opened their gifts.

Above: More of the same people, plus Patches the dog. Somehow, there are no pictures of Jocelyn, who was sitting beside me.

Just to recap, our gifts were themed on "experiences" they enjoy. Ryan got a very fancy barbecue utensil set (trust me, few people like the barbecue as much as Ryan - he'll prepare for days to get the right seasonings for a bbq) and gift certificates to take his family to the movies; Mark got tee-off fes (presented in a mini golf bag); Dave got Blue Jays tickets; Dinger got a Nascar ticket; and Greg got Green Day tickets.


the future mrs. smith said...

i noticed your pampered chef collapsible bowl. :) love that thing!!

Bridechka said...

Looks so fun!