Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh no! The bad dreams are back!

Between 7, 8 months ago and as far as back as a little over a year ago, I would occassionally have bad dreams that I forgot to plan most of the wedding. I knew why I had these dreams: it was just because it wasn't planned yet. It was my "subconscious" worrying about all the planning yet to be done. As I planned more and more, these dreams went away, as I knew they would.

Well, last night, I had the first wedding nightmare in months. I often have nightmares when I'm worried about something or stressed by something. Now, just to clarify, I'm not worried (I'm done planning) and I'm not stressed (um ... because I'm done planning). In fact, I have exactly 3 things left to do: get dog stickers (kind of a long story ... I'll explain later, when I explain the table themes), pick up my dress (10 am tomorrow!) and get tea lights (next time I'm at Michael's or Walmart). That's it. Everything else is done. Done, done, done! Oh yeah, and I have to bake the cake, but that's why I have Friday off from work. (Trust me, I'm not worried about this one. I'm going to bake way more cake than I need, and I have the coolest cake stand ever, homemade by Wade's dad.)

So, what was last night's nightmare about? I forgot to attend the wedding until an hour before hand. Who does that? Apparently, me in my dreams. For some reason, I was in Toronto (a 2 1/2 hour drive west) and the wedding was in Ottawa (a nearly 2 hour drive north east) in one hour! So ... I was going to be very late for my wedding, and I obviously didn't have time to get my hair done or even do my make-up.

I woke up in a sweat. And I reminded myself that I wasn't going to Toronto the day before the wedding, nor is the wedding in Ottawa, so I was not going to miss my wedding! Oh, the emotions of dreams!

Up next:
-Attend my final fitting and pick up dress (tomorrow)
-Attend my bachelorette (tomorrow - it's a mystery road trip - yay!)
-Write thank you notes as gifts arrive. I have been shocked and surprised by how lovely and generous all the early gifts we have received. Writing thank you notes is normally hard to motivate oneself to do, but I have found the opposite. In fact, I find the thank you notes hard because I don't know how to concisely articulate how thankful and how flattered I am by the gifts in such a small amount of space!


Cyd said...

I am absolutely crazy - I've had the most insane dreams basically throughout the entire process along the day theme - having forgotten to do this or that for the wedding, usually big things like buy a dress or mail invitations. :-) Soooo glad I am not alone! ;-)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Mystery road trip!! Sounds fun. Hoping the nightmares subside. Guess the stress is manifesting itself during your 'rest' hours.

Aubergine said...

I'm torn.... I sympathise but I'm also so glad to hear I'm not the only with the crazy, as only wedding-crazy can be, dreams!