Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry for whining ...

In spite of my very best intentions, I am busy with last minute things. Many of these things I could not do in advance - for example, the escort cards. Nonetheless, it is frustrating having done so much and yet having so much to do. Wade is particularly frustrated, wondering aloud how we could have gone from "being so far ahead" to feeling so far behind. He takes comfort in being reassured we couldn't do much of this in advance.

Don't get me wrong - I am not stressed. I feel pressures from having so much to do and being so busy, but I do not feel overwhelmed and stressed. I also had some big (and fun!) projects at work in the past month, which further reduced my spare time and increased my level of busyness.

Also, because of time constraints, I am not commenting on others' blogs. I still read them, thanks to the ease of google reader! But I just don't comment.

To those who follow who are married - whether recently or not, any advice on how to get everything done? Or any advice on how to continue to remain with excessive stres?

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Jenny said...

This is normal...it happened to all of us married girlies! Sorry I have no advice other than try not to stress...keep Wade and friends/family happy with your company. It's ok to shut the bloggers out but don't shut out Wade or family/friends. Once the wedding is over you will have MORE than enough time to blog.

My excuse is that I'm really lazy and LOVING spending time with my husband right now. I will start blogging again when I'm ready.

Carly said...

I just finished writing a similar post about how I've fallen behind on reading blogs. As you can tell from my lack of commenting, I've been M.I.A.!

I think it's normal. Time is of the essence right now. Unlike you, I'm getting pangs of feeling overwhelmed. But you were much more organized than me during this process :)

You guys will be fine and the wedding will be beautiful!!

Rachel said...

Oh, I've been there!
You're right - there are just so many of the "little things" that pop up at the last minute. Things that either you couldn't do ahead of time, didn't think of ahead of time, or didn't think would be a big deal ahead of time!

I read someplace before I got married- and this is true- there will be things on your list that don't get done. At all. And things that get half-done, or done in a way that saves time but isn't necessarily how you would do them otherwise. And truly (I didn't believe this before my big day) - you won't care.

My best advice is to prioritize. What's going to make the biggest impact? What means the most to you both? Focus on those things, and if you don't get any of the rest done, don't worry about it! I kind of stressed (not too much) about programs. Went to 4 different stores to buy up all their matching paper to make them. In the end, didn't make a difference. And I have a ton leftover. Also, after much pressure, and lack of time, I gave up my idea for assigned tables and escort cards - and it all ended up just fine (to my surprise!).
What I'm trying to say is that no matter what you end up getting done or not - at the end of that day you'll be married, and not much else will matter!
Trite, but true.

Hang in there, it'll be wonderful!