Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Donation in lieu of favours

Wade and I made a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society today instead of purchasing favours. Our favour budget was $1 per guest, and I had a great DIY project to make super fun heart-shaped lollipops. I actually thought I could do it for less than $0.50 per guest.

The Canadian Cancer Society website indicates that while any donation is acceptable, they encourage people to donate what they would have spent on their favours / bonbonnieres. Somewhat insultingly, the website goes on to say that most people's budget for favours is apparently $5-10 per guest. Well, la-de-da, our budget was only $1 per guest, but apparently people who donate to the Canadian Cancer Society give better favours than I, and so I thought I'd be rude if I *only* gave the Canadian Cancer Society $1 per guest. I found that statement to be off-putting (and still do). I was going to make a large donation to the Canadian Cancer Society anyway, so after some soul-searching, however, I decided to donate $5 per guest.

Now, I still find that statement off-putting (um, thanks for telling me I'm cheap), but not enough to refuse to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society. They were just trying to make a point - to give to them what you would have spent on the favours - but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

Am I weird to have been bothered by that statement?


Jane said...

you're allowed to be bothered by whatever you want!

We donated money aswell, instead of favours.

I think that they probably got the questions 'how much do people usually give' alot- and so many people are indecisive... and really, I bet that if you look at many favours people give (small bottle of wine, bottle of jam, candies/chocolates in a cute little box with ribbon)- if you add all the little things up- like the ribbon, boxes, tags and labels- favours may cost somewhere close to 5 dollars each! especially if it's a smaller wedding- and you're buying in less bulk.

I don't think they were trying to assume people spent more than they do.. I think they were probably answering based on the usual amount they get?
Just my 2 cents :)

Krista said...

Thanks, Janey, I appreciate your comments. I emailed you, too.

I'm getting so excited. I'm so excited to marry Wade, I'm excited to be the centre of attention (haha), and I'm excited to SEE most of my family and friends! Yay!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Kudos to you for donating to such a great cause. I agree with Jane...I think they're just trying to answer some the inquiries they receive on a regular basis. However, I see why you're put off...I would be too. I think you're making a very generous donation! How many more days???

Bridechka said...

You are totally not weird! I absolutely hear you on this. You should feel proud of yourself for doing such a kind and generous thing :)