Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things left to do (still):

-Get guestbook (yeah, yeah, I'm on it)
-Make programs (am awaiting some info from the minister)
-Get bathroom basket stuff

Um, I think that's it.

And Wade has to pack for both of us for the honeymoon. He's stressed by that one.

As I write this, I have Aquafresh Trays on my upper teeth and Crest White Strips on my lower teeth. I have two teeth on my lower mouth that the gums are *just* starting to receed, which makes them exceedingly sensitive if I whiten them. But I want to whiten them. My dental hygienist assures me that the home strips / trays are as safe as dental whitening or the dental prepared trays. She also says that efficacy (effectiveness) is about the same as the dental trays: in theory, they are less effective, but compliance is better, which makes them about as efficacious as the pofessionally prepared tras. Anyway, the reason I have the different types: the lowr strips are a lower concentration and are supposed to be used for two weeks. I'm only going to wear them for a few days, so it's not an issue. The upper strips are a higher concentration, so it works faster. And frankly, people only see your top teeth. (Oh, and I should also say - my dental hygienist also assures me they are safe if you follow the instructions, including not using them any longer or more frequently than recommended.)

Let me also say, I have whitened my teeth twice before over the past 3 years (much less frequently than the maximum). I am always happy with the results, but I already had pretty white teeth before I ever whitened my teeth, so "one shade lighter" is very noticeable.

Oh, and I shredded today. (I'm far too busy to find the link for you so you can see what I mean. Just google "30 Day Shred" to see what I mean.) It's totally getting easier. I tried level 2 on Sunday, but did level 1 with coworkers at lunch today. I kinda wish I had been this committed to my fitness a month ago, but oh well! The dress fits perfectly, so if I had done too much fitness, it might have been a problem.

Now I'm just rambling. Adios; I'll try to post tomorrow to let you know about my bachelorette.


Krista said...

P.S. the sensitivity from whitening, which many people experience, is considered "transient", meaning it goes away within a couple days after whitening. Just so you don't worry I could permanently damage my teeth; I won't!

Marie said...

It's all getting so close. Good luck with the last few things, and to Wade too for the packing. If you do have a spare minute or two in London and fancy it, drop me an e-mail and I'd love to meet to say congratulations in person. Otherwise I'll be thinking of you this week! M x

Marie-Ève said...

You really made me laugh with that nagging to yourself about the guestbook! :-)

I find you seem much calmer and together than I was in those last few days. And for that I admire and congratulate you!

Cate Subrosa said...

Yay, it's nearly time!

I have to ask, though... you let him pack for you for your honeymoon?!

Krista said...

Oh, it's good. He'll pull everything out he thinks I need, then ask what he's missing. It's good. And he usually gets everything when he packs for us! (But let's face it - if we forget a toothbrush or something, we can always buy it. I'm certain Paris sells toothbrushes!)

Brandy said...

I just checked the weather for Saturday....Sunny with some clouds and a lovely 21 degrees!