Monday, June 22, 2009

Things that surprised me

I started doing these scheduled posts in or around early March. I knew I wanted to share things on the blog - in particular the invitations and engagements photos - but I also knew I didn't want to share them until after the wedding. I decided to share them after the wedding. On a 3 week honeymoon, I thought it would be the perfect time to pre-schedule these posts.

I am writing this post 6 days before my wedding, even though you're now reading this post just over 2 weeks after my wedding. I am so excited right now. So happy. And thrilled. I have a few things left to do, but it's mostly done.

So I thought I'd reflect about a couple things that surprised me:

-How happy people genuinely become when they find out you're engaged. I mean, truly happy. Family, friends and even total strangers - their faces light up and they wish me well, congratulate me and just look pleased-as-punch.

-How quickly people ask "when is the date". The day we got engaged - December 15th, 2007, we were asked - when's the date? Now, I had an idea. I love the summer, but I don't like the sticky heat of summer weddings. I like the fall, but sometimes the fall depresses me because the days are getting shorter. I like the winter and I like the spring. But I like the spring more. Since I know it's very difficult to plan a wedding in under 6 months, I figured it would be the next year. (I also knew Wade didn't care. He didn't want a wedding in the summer, because it's too hot, and he especially didn't want it in the later summer. But other than that, he was fine.) Not everyone is as picky as me, and some people are overwhelmed by being asked "when's the day?" four hours after they got engaged.

-How quickly some (not all) people ask when you're having kids. That is one very big assumption; not everyone wants kids. This is a decision Wade and I have talked about, and we are on the same page. (It's kind of a big issue to disagree about, isn't it?) But everyone does tend to assume if you're getting married, then you're having kids.

-And finally, the biggest thing that surprised me: how quickly the almost 18 months flew by between our date of engagement and our wedding.


Marie said...

Completely agree on the baby question, always fun to think of ways to combat it, we're just going to breed pigs, oh yes hadn't you realised I'm 3 months gone... Etc etc.

And yes I completely agree with all your other observations. Hope you're enjoying the honeymoon. M x

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

The 'when is the date' questions is so true! It's weird how quickly people ask....I even find myself asking this question of engaged couples even though I know they JUST got engaged!!