Friday, June 26, 2009

Bridesmaids with Upcoming Weddings and Upcoming Babies (NOT MINE)

Two of my four bridesmaids are engaged. One bridesmaid owns a house with her boy-friend. And the other bridesmaid left a long-term relationship last year. Of the engaged bridesmaids, both started dating their fiancés when they were teenagers, dated for several years, broke up for quite a while, then got back together with their guys relatively recently and got engaged relatively soon after. Or maybe it just feels like it was recent.

Of the engaged bridesmaids, one is probably getting married in 2011. They don't have the money or time due to other pressures to get married in 2010. The other is getting married on Hallowe'en this year. I don't think they're doing a masquerade ball theme; they just didn't have a huge selection of dates to choose from for this fall, and that day was available. I still think there's something "wrong" about having a wedding on Hallowe'en and not doing either a Hallowe'en themed wedding, a costumed wedding or a masquerade themed wedding, but that's just me!

The bridesmaid who lives with her boy-friend (one of the groomsmen, and a very good friend of mine, too) may or may not get engaged soon. I don't know. But I think they should. (Just my biased opinion.)

And the first of my cousins is getting married. I don't know when. His fiancée is Polish by origin, but grew up in Poland for a while then the US for a while. Currently, they live somewhere in the Middle East, but I think the plan is to move to Canada. So that's another fun wedding to look forward to! (I think they're doing the wedding somewhere in Canada.)

Also, I have two close friends who are due in late 2009 (one is the wife of our best man, and the other is someone I've known since grade 7, and I've known her hubby since grade 9). And I have two formerly close friends (now aquaintances) who are also due around the same time later this year (they're best friends, unknowingly got engaged 1 day apart then got married last year 2 months apart ... geez, they do everything together!) And a girl I went to school with from kindergarten to fourth year university is due around the same time later this year, too! - Though I don't see her much, I am happy for her, too. She's a great woman and will be a great mother. So there's lots of babies to celebrate, too! (That doesn't mean to expect anything from Wade and me right now ... so don't go getting any ideas! I'm just saying how happy I am for these women and their spouses.)

It's such an exciting time!

I get back from my honeymoon tomorrow. It's sad for a vacation to end, but it is always nice to be home. (Don't expect any posts for a couple days ... We probably have laundry to do, things to put away, and all that good "back from a vacation" stuff to do.)

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Marie-Ève said...

I was the same in my circle at some point, I guess it has to do with age...

It's perfectly OK for you to be excited about your friends and relatives' babies without itching to have one of your own right away! I know some people will probably bug you with this now and start expecting it... Just shrug it off! It's way too big a decision to go ahead with it before you truly feel you're ready. I was among the last one of my friends to have a child, and it was great for me. I was interested in their pregnancies, birth experience, then baby experience, and was able to somewhat become a little more familiar with it all before deciding to jump. I enjoyed being an "auntie" to their kids and watch them grow fast... And at some point, when I realized that it was all working fine for them, that it was manageable and not that scary or limiting, the time was right for us too!