Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I'm done

-I got the guest book today (yep, I did it.)
-I dropped off the following at the venue: women's bathroom basket, men's bathroom basket, women's flip flop basket, card box, 10 tall centrepieces, 15 short centrepieces, 55 (or so) frosted glass votives with candles.
-Wade printed the programs.

Let me just say: I discovered Wade doesn't have a design eye; I thought he did, but he proved today that he does not. When his work email opened it, his computer didn't recognize the font, it changed it to a slightly different one. Wade didn't notice that 3 of the names had moved over slightly. So formatting is off for 3 people: Wade's parents and my Grandma have their names indented one more than my parents, brothers and Grandpa. You have no idea how frustrating this is for me. I also noticed a typo on my part: during the signing of the certificate, Schubert's "Ellens Dritter Gesang" will be played (aka Schubert's Ave Maria). I put in the program that "Ellen Dritter Gesang". I don't think anyone else will noticed (although if I was a guest at my wedding, I have to say that I would have noticed). It's not a big deal, I guess. But between that and the formating indentation (which is really bothering me), I'm a little disappointed. Not sad, not upset, just disappointed. (I have to say, Wade doesn't get it. He thinks I'm nuts. But that's how we perfectionists roll!)

Let me tell you about our bathroom baskets. They were fun to make!

Men's bathroom basket:
-A couple combs
-A lot of gum
That's it. I could have gotten black dress socks or something, but I figured most guys would be happy.

Women's bathroom basket:
-Hair brush
-Pantyhose / knee highs
-Multiple nail files
-Multiple little tubes of lip gloss (no one should share that, so there's more than one!)
-Band aids
-A lot of gum

Anyway, I'm going to fold the programs now. And everytime I look at that formatting error, my heart will break just a little. Okay, that's extremely melodramatic of me. My heart will be fine. But I will growl and be annoyed.


Jane said...

Hey Krista!
We did the bathroom baskets too.. and when my mum went to the bathroom JUST after dinner- most of the stuff in the women's bathroom had already been taken.... and we had ALOT in there.. careful with those flip flops- people may just take advantage!

2 more sleeps!
we go to kingston tomorrow night after work.
Would you rather me drop your gift off at your, or your parents house, or bring it to the wedding.. I know the etiquette is the house... but we get in late, and I don't want to bother people the day of, or the day after the wedding.

melissa said...

Wow! Things are really moving along. The Bathroom basket is a great idea. I wish I would have done one.

Carly said...

What a great idea to do bathroom baskets! I understand what you are saying about the typo. Our venue's name was misspelled on our directions card. It annoyed I am a stickler with spelling.

Good luck on Saturday!! I'll be thinking of you!

Mo said...

Good luck!! Looks like you were able to get a lot of stuff to the venue.

EliandMe said...

Good luck sweetie - and I can totally empathise about the programmes, I was so annoyed at Michael when he decided to print our programmes on shiny paper. Shiny paper! They were supposed to look old and vintagey! And relax...