Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tables Themes

Oh yeah, I never told you about our table naming!

I originally wanted just numbers. It's easy. You aren't wandering around the room looking for Table "441" (named because the bride grew up at 441 Oak Street) or Table "Photography Club" (because the couple met in a photography club). If you use weird names, especially if it's a wide room, you can not use "seating" cards, by the way; you have to use a seating chart so people can actually see where their table is. I have been at weddings where I wandered around looking for my table. (Of course, if there are only two rows, you could just walk down the aisle, but I haven't often seen this set-up.)

The flipside: if you use basic numbers for tables, you can not use a seating chart. Have you ever sat at table 14 out of 14 tables? And the table is so numbered on the seating chart? Now everyone can look and see who's at the "reject" table. In the one case where this happened, I was not at the reject table. But I kinda felt like it because of the number and because it was on the chart.

I also knew I didn't want a seating chart, if at all possible. They just don't look as nice as escort cards.

But a few months before the wedding, we agreed on a "cute" table theme: animals. Since the room is two rows of tables (2 x 10), I figure people can just walk down the centre aisle to find their table based on their escort card. Our tables are: giraffe (head table), dog, zebra, flamingo, lion, tiger, elephant, monkey, turtle, frog and bee. Kinda silly, but oh well!

Coming up next: my last "scheduled" post on Friday! Then perhaps, I can tell you how the day actually went! :)


melissa said...

Silly should be the way to go! I like your idea for animals.

Krista said...

love the animal theme :) super adorable and easy to figure out as a guest i'm sure!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Super cute! Can't wait to see pics

Margarita said...

At every wedding I've done, there have ALWAYS been seating cards, and the odd time there will be a seating chart to match. Most people don't concern themselves with their guest 'finding' their table, they always do.

Last weekend the tables were completely messed up (ie not in order)

So table 1 was next to tables 12 and 4. NO ORDER. I have no idea why the bride set it up this way, but whateva.

My assistant just stood at the door and showed people where their tables were.

Good luck with the animals! Sounds cute :)

Krista said...

You're right, Margarita, people always find their seat. I have had two weird situations, though.

First, I was at table 14 out of 14 tables. It was on the seating chart, so everyone could see who was at the "reject table". Even though I knew I wasn't a last minute or fill-in guest, it looked like I was.

Second, the numbers were actually streets. We sat at something like "Grand Oak" because the bride grew up on Grand Oak Street. Except we didn't get a seating chart, we just got our table "number" in an escort card. We wandered most of the room to find our seats. We did find our seat, but it was an odd experience.

At our wedding, since there were only 2 rows of tables it made finding the table very easy. So the animal theme didn't pose significant issues of wandering the room!