Wednesday, March 25, 2009


You've probably noticed I'm organized, have lots of lists, and am clearly a Type A personality (Minus the constant impatience. If I know there could be a delay, I won't be impatient. If I don't know there will be a delay, I will be impatient. Best to tell me we'll be late, then it'll all work out.)

True story: I'm organized because I'm horribly forgetful. So forgetful. I'm a visual person, so I write things down. I leave myself sticky notes. I write out directions to get to a meeting. If it's not written down, it may not get done. I know myself, so I try to prevent failure.

So I'm organized because if I wasn't organized, I probably would be pulling out my hair trying to get things done.

But I have a confession.

I'm starting to fall behind. I have lots of honeymoon planning to do. We've been the flight and a tour, but before and after the tour has yet to be booked.

And the alterations on my dress have been started yet. I haven't even contacted a seamstress.

And the invitations? The invitations should be sent out this week, by all those timelines (remember, it's a June 6th wedding). Yeah, they're not even done yet! Won't be done until next Monday (March 30th). Um ... And I may not be able to pick them up until the week-end of April 5th. You know, the week people should have already received them. (By the way, we need confirmed numbers for the reception meal by May 15th, by the way. So we need to ask people to RSVP by May 4th, so we can call any late RSVPers to find out if they're coming.)

So, although some parts of the wedding are really far ahead - other parts are falling behind.

P.S. # 1 - I hope Wade's not reading this. I really hope not. He'd be ticked off if he knew I was falling behind. He's starting to be a bit of a nag to make sure we wouldn't fall behind. And now we have. I'm going to blame it on his nagging. :)

P.S. # 2 - I'm starting to panic that things are not done, and I just don't feel I have enough time in the day to do that and my little petition for which I'm trying to get electronic and (the harder part) real signatures.


Marie said...

Don't worry too much. The invitations will be fine and there will be plenty of time to get responses. Most people are good at responding quickly to wedding invites because they're so exciting. And everything else, it will come together. Best of luck.

Jess said...

It will all come together! Don't worry.

AmyJean said...

Don't panic! Just breathe. It'll all work out!

Kate said...

My understanding was that they're supposed to be sent 6-8 weeks out. Which is what I'm counting on, seeing as mine just got sent TODAY and my wedding's nearly a month before yours. Whoops.

Krista said...

Whew ... Kate that makes me feel better!

Cate Subrosa said...

Try not to worry, dear, this whole thing is supposed to be fun! It sounds like your invitations will still be out in plenty of time to me. Try to enjoy it, because it will all fall into place in time, I swear it will.

Kyla said...

It will all work out, don't worry :)

Carly said...

You'll be okay, Krista! I've been having similar fits of panic and anxiety about wedding tasks. I think Cate is right. This is supposed to be "fun"! I often forget to have fun. Also, we don't even have our invites ordered. My wedding is only 3 weeks after yours. So, you can easily say you are way ahead of me! :)

Cyd said...

I think I zoomed past being behind and am just completely stuck right now. The lists are growing and my motivation is dwindling. Maybe it's only my perception, because I've been so ahead for so long that now I feel behind when I'm not...and I'm guessing it's much the same for you. You'll get it all done. And if it doesn't get done, clearly it's not important enough to matter much.