Sunday, March 1, 2009

The "six-random-things-about-me-six-things-that-make-me-smile-10-letter-things-I-like list" Tag

I was tagged by The Professional Bridesmaid, who was tagged by K @ Blog Goggles (who created this tag by merging 3 tags that are circulating).

So here are my ten things:

1. Canada
(sorry, had to copy The Professional Bridesmaid)
I love maple syrup, snow (until about February ... then I'm ready for summer again), hockey, rye (which by definition, "true" rye can only be made in Canada, similar to how only "true" scotch can be made in Scotland), Tim Hortons, beaver tails, Smarties and Second Cup.

2. Carnations
And other flowers, too!

3. Candy

as well as ...
4. Chocolate

5. My Car
I call her Bessy Bluebell. (This isn't Bessy, but it's the same colour year and model as mine, except I don't have the sunroof.)

6. My Cat
I don't have any pictures of Pepper, but once I find one, I'll post it. Pepper died almost 2 years ago, at the age of 23. Yep, 23. Technically, she was closer to 23 1/2 when she died in her sleep while lying in her bed in front of the fireplace. Good spot to go - warm and comfy. She was a black tabby, and by the end (in her senility, we think), she acted more like a dog. But she wasn't in pain, just senile.

7. "The" County
Aka Prince Edward County, a short drive from where I live. Home of scenic drives (left), almost twenty wineries (centre), some amazing artisans, and Sandbanks Provincial Park's 3 amazing beaches (right).

8. Cascades
And by that, I mean waterfalls. What's not to smile when you see a waterfall like this, in Milford Sound, New Zealand:

9. Calisthenics
If I google calisthenics, some dance-gymnastics thing I've never seen for came up. No, I am referring to calisthenics I did in gym class and to warm up for baseball practice when I was a kid. It's closer to the aerobics I do now. Something like these ladies:

10. My Couch
Especially after the calisthenics / aerobics:

I tag Carly.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha love that calisthenics photo!!

Krista said...

Isn't that adorable?!

Nicole said...

oh my goodness. I absolutely love Sandbanks. went there for years as a kid. most beautiful beaches/provincial park in Ontario.

Carly said...

Thanks for the tag, Krista! Do I list 10 things starting with the letter "C" that I like? Just want to make sure I am accurately following the tag! :) Lemme know when you have a chance.

Hope your mom is feeling okay. Still keeping her in my thoughts. xo