Friday, March 13, 2009


I booked with the florist today. I won't tell you what I'll be carrying - mostly so it's a surprise for family & friends. MOH Jocelyn will carry a bouquet of yellow-orange carnations, which are her favourite flowers. The other bridesmaids will each have a different bouquet of one type of flowers: yellow (with burgundy tips) cymbidium orchids, yellow spider mums and confetti (yellow with red tips) roses. Remember, they're wearing these dresses. (I'm so excited about their bouquets. I picked some of my favourite flowers. The only of my favourites I left out are phalenopsis orchids. The florist told me phalenopsis orchids are "crazy expensive" - I believe those are her exact words. So I nixed that idea and substituted cymbidium orchids. Not a bad substitution, in my opinion!)

Each of the groomsmen will wear silk mini callas, which I posted about here.

My dad, Wade's dad, my grandpa and my brothers will all have matching boutonnieres. My mom, Wade's mom and my grandma will have matching corsages. I won't say what they'll be made of, only because I haven't told them yet!

I had an idea for our pew decorations, but because the pews at the church are not normal pews, to attach anything would be ridiculously expensive! Seriously, it would have almost doubled what I'm now spending on flowers - just for tiny pew decorations. The florist suggested I purchase silk flowers and she could either wire them for the pews, or she could show me how to wire them for the pews. How awesome is that! She'll show me how to do the pew decorations!

All in all, our flowers will cost just over 1/2 of what I'd budgeted, which pleased me. That was largely due to her project suggestion.


Krista said...

Next week, I'll post you pictures of my "flower inspiration" that I gave to the florist today.

I'm off to Montreal for the week-end to visit BM Crystal, so have a great week-end!

Krista said...

P.S. The pew decorations I wanted: one tiny rose on each pew. That was it. $400 was 20 tiny roses (10 roses, 2 per row). But the wiring was where the costs were going to add up! So I got 20 silk peonies for $50 (silk flowers are half off at Michael's this week), and wiring and watering is apparently not an issue. Huge savings!

Brandy said...

Damn! I've got to get into the flower wiring business!
I love carnations and spider mums!

and I'm jealous of anyone going to Montreal! It's my favorite Canadian city!

Carly said...

Hope you had a great weekend in Montreal! How fun! I can't wait to see your flower inspirations. I'm impressed that your flowers will be 1/2 of what you budgeted for. That's great. Btw, I'm gonna look into silk flowers. We are trying to stretch our flower budget, too.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

So awesome that the florist was able to help you DIY. Can't wait to see what you come up with.