Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First things first

First thing we did? We got engaged on Saturday, December 15th, 2007. My parents were hosting an open house style Christmas party that night. So we told them at the party when we arrived. I made sure to call both my parents to the door when we got in, then told them.

Since this party included most of my family and family-friends, that's how they all found out.

I read in an etiquette book that the first priority is to tell your parents. Do you really need to be told that? The same book says that if you have children, you tell them before you tell your parents. Again, did you need to be told that?

We couldn't tell his parents for a few days, but we did in person.

... I know announcing the engagement isn't technically planning, but it is the first thing!


Jess said...

Agreed. Parents should be the first to know about things. Seems common sense, to me. Though I suppose it also depends on the relationship you have with your family...(not you as in you, you as in the general you.)

Brandy said...

I called my sister and my two best friends first. Then attempted to call my parents but they didn't answer the phone so we didn't tell them until the morning.
We told The Misters parents right away.

Marie-Ève said...

We got engaged during a trip to NYC, and I was so ecstatic my first instinct was to call our parents, but my fiance convinced me to wait a little (and maybe find something more original). So two days later I posted it on my blog! Never mentioning the proposal, just saying that something completely unexpected ans astounding happened, and showing a series of pictures including the last one with the ring. Everyone was like WHAAAAA! Is this for real? and elated... I guess doing things traditionally didn't really apply to us much as I had been married before and my soon-to-be-husband and I had a child together already...

Mo said...

Awww that's so nice that you got to tell everyone in person!
Unfortunately I had to call, but I called my parents first, and then my sisters, and then about a dozen of our friends. I was glad that all of them picked up their phones and that I was able to talk to them all.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

That's so cute. Awesome timing Wade!

Krista said...

@Jess - I know what you meant. I thnk if you're estranged from your paents, they wouldn't be the first people you tell.
@Brandy & Mo - yep, sometimes we're stuck with phoning when we'd rather visit. But a phone call is still nice
@Marie-Ève - That's a nice way to tell them ... especially if you know your closest family & friends read the blog!
@PM - he got lucky ... he was going to propose a week earlier (on my birthday) but did not due to circumstances behind his control. And I'm glad he didn't!

Cate Subrosa said...

We told my brother and sister first. Then my mum. Then my other siblings. Then his mum. Then his sisters. Then my dad.

Sorry, dad.

Some etiquette stuff treats you like a real idiot, eh? But it's nice to cross things off, I suppose.