Friday, April 3, 2009

Um ... What do you think of this advice?

I have one comment and two questions about this image (click to enlarge):

Comment: I doubt my parents will be "sad". I just don't see it.

Question 1: Why is remembering to thank my parents (or anyone else who helps out) in this check list? I mean what person needs to be reminded using an automated on-line wedding checklist to thank their parents?

Question 2: Who calls writing thank-you notes "romantic"? I'd call them necessary. I'd call them appreciated. And I'd certainly call them thoughtful (when done right). But romantic?

Have you encountered any weird checklists or advice in your wedding planning process? Share!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Yeah, that's kinda cheesy. Set aside some 'romantic' nights? More like set aside a bottle of wine. ;)

melissa said...

Yeah, ditto. Very cheesy. And I agree that Thank yous are not romantic but thoughtful and necessary. Maybe the reminder is for the bridezilla types who have been running around for months saying "ME ME ME" and forgetting that this event is also for other people.

I don't think you are the type of person who needs to be reminded.

Megan said...

Just laughed out loud. I can only imagine. Husband, will you pass the wine and that felt-tipped pen? Mine is running low. I'm so glad we could share our time doing this...

Brandy said...

Gosh imagine the note you write after a bottle of wine(which is what I'm equating with romantic!)I've written drunken emails before and it's never pretty.
Maybe it's not silly to have "thank parents" on there..look at all the oscar winners who forget to thank their spouses. But are you suppose to thank them and then sit down and take out your list and check that off? LOL!