Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Party: non-traditional poses

Let me start by saying how much I dislike the "let's everyone jump" shot. 'Cause really, you don't look like you all spontaneously jumped for joy. You look like you were told, "Hey, I had a great idea. It'd be really awesome if we all jump at once. Yeah, that'd look so sponteanous and fun! Okay on three. 1, 2, ...":

But I do want some relaxed, fun and non traditoinal shots of the wedding party. Something like these:

Note: I have had some of these shots saved for a while. If you are interested in the source, let me know and I'll do my best to find it. If you know the source off-hand, please let me know so I can give credit.

What do you think of group shots? And do you know of any fun shots I can use as inspiration?


Mo said...

Oh man, I couldn't agree more with the annoying jumping shots!

I tend to like the traditional "stand there and look at the camera" pose, but sometimes my family mixes it up by having an "angry" shot and then a "scary" shot and then a "silly" shot in which we do our own face for each emotion. We're kinda weird.

mim said...

You said it! I also hate the shots of the bride or groom lying in the arms of the opposite sex attendants. Does that make sense?

Marie-Ève said...

I agree with you! I like it best when people find a happy medium between faking something/trying too hard, and just looking weird and out of place.

A fine art to find the right pose!

Carly said...

Jumping shots are not high on our priority list. I think the jumping shot could be fun, if you have the right wedding party. I just don't think it fits with my wedding party's personalities! Haha. I like that second shot!

I always wanted one with all of us walking. It might turn out horribly, but I'm going to try it with Lawrence and our wedding party.

Carly said...

P.S. I was just over at Style Me Pretty, and there are tons of informal wedding party shots! Check it out! I even found one of my "walking wedding party" that was posted on April 6. :)

Nicole said...

I love photos 3 and 4 in this collection. So natural and so much loe!

Cyd said...

I am especially in love with the second photo amongst the trees...so fun and pretty, a little bit vogue, too!

Miss Want said...

I guess Im in the minority here since I love jumping shots. I dont think they are supposed to look like you naturally all jumped...since thats never natural. They are just supposed to be fun. I love them.

Krista said...

@Mo - random funny shots would be fun!
@mim - it makes total sense. I don't care for that shot, either.
@Marie-Eve - It is definitely tricky to capture "realistic" pictures. Especially when most of them are actually posed.
@Cyd - Isn't that a stunning picture? I love all 3 of the non-jumping photos.
@Miss Want - I figured someone out there had to love the pictures! They're everywhere. You're right they probably aren't supposed to look posed, and when I think of it that way - it makes more sense.