Sunday, August 23, 2009


I love planning things. I always have. I tried to throw my parent's a surprise anniversary party when I was about 12 for their 15th anniversary. They found out, and asked me not to do it. But I had a location and a date, and I sent invitations with the help of my grandma!

So, on my drive back from Montreal today, I was thinking about when we should have a housewarming party. I was thinking late November, so we get settled in (we move on October 2nd). [When I got home, Wade suggested we do it on my birthday week-end, which is the first week-end in December. I like that idea!]

Then I got thinking ... we should have a first-anniversary party for our closest friends (bridal party). I remembered Wade will be in Dover, Delaware on our first anniversary. (What a bum! But I had over a year's notice of it at least.) And I was thinking that less than 4 weeks after our anniversary is Canada Day. So we're going to have a Canada Day / slightly belated anniversary barbecue at our new house! What a great idea! (And with our new pool in our new house, it's a great spot to have a Canada Day party!)


Blablover5 said...

We just got talked into a housewarming party and we're going to have it coincide with our first anniversary and Halloween.

It'll be a weird mess of home, love and ghosts.

Can't wait to see some of your ideas for your party.

Marie-Ève said...

Congrats on the new house! So exciting! May you be blessed with lots of love and happiness there.

I'm sorry to hear you were in town and I didn't know... You were probably very busy but I would have loved to meet you for coffee or something.

Bella said...

Awww that sounds like so much fun! I love the picture in your header - so cute! :-)

yunya212 said...

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