Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exciting News

... No, we're not having a baby. That's not in the works right yet, if you're wondering. (And many people are!)

We'll share our excitement tomorrow.

(Is that a teaser or what? I didn't give you any information!)


Mo said... puppy?? new house?? Can't wait! =D

Marie said...

Umm Ummm Ummm... I guess I haven't got too long left to wait now. Very exciting!

Nicole said...


Brandy said...

I'm guessing house! Can't wait to hear!

Marie-Ève said...

I'm also gonna go with house...?

And don't worry about people being nosy about babies, and assuming that now it's probably all you have in mind. People and babies... they go nuts. TAKE YOUR TIME. You'll know when you're ready (or maybe it'll never happen, and that's fine too). It's way too big of a decision to cave in to social pressure!