Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Dress Pick-Up

My wedding dress is safely stored in the "Leaf" room (the spareroom, where most of our Toronto Maple Leafs Paraphernalia is currently stored).

I was talking to my mom on the drive there/back, on a range of topics. One issue I asked about was her wedding dress. When she purchased her dress, it cost around $200. She purchased it on sale, but it's regular price was nearly $1000 (in 1978 dollars). Not surprisingly, Mom says she was quite pleased with her purchase! On another note, my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary this past Tuesday.

I did not get such a great deal on my dress - that deal was something to brag about! However, when I purchased the dress, it was on sale for about the same price as my mom's dress would have cost had it not been on sale.

Here's what my dress does not look like:






a london bride said...

Are you keeping it a surprise until the day? Or have I missed the post where you told us all about it :)

Krista said...

I don't have a post of my dress. I'm undecided if I will post any pictures of it.