Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Live from Hollywood ...

... It's Dancing With The Stars!

I fell in love with this show last fall/winter when I was renting a room from a lovely artisan in Galetta (near Ottawa). She enjoyed this show, so I would often watch with her without high expectations. And whaddayaknow? I love it!

I also mentioned to Wade a while ago that we may need to take ballroom dancing lessons for our first dance. It's the thing to do, I told him, as if that's a good reason to do something. Really, I think it'd be a fun couple's activity to do. Something we could learn together.

But I may have given him a way "out" of dancing lessons.

See, Wade has the most hilarious impression of Mick Jagger. When it's just us, and The Rolling Stones is playing, he totally hams it up. But not in front of anyone else. In the middle of laughing over his impression recently, I told him that if he does his amazing impression at our wedding reception, he could get out of dance lessons. Wade seemed interested in the idea.

Personally, I think it'd be worth it for everyone to see how great the impression is!

I won't give up on a fun social activity. Maybe Scottish country dancing? His background is Scottish, and he's interested in Scottish culture. I learned a little bit of Scottish country dancing when I was in England (oh, the irony) and I'd love to do it again!

Any other thoughts on fun couple's activities (preferably physical activities, such as sports or dance)?

In the meantime, the show's back from commercial:

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