Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm not good at good-byes ...

I thought I'd planned this perfect good-bye. I'd finish the wedding blog and bow out gracefully and finally. I'd planned most things well, why not my good-bye?

Except that I'm bad at good-byes. Really bad. So when Marie of London Bride and Wife in the City reminded me I forgot one very important thing I'd promised to do, I was not surprised. I forgot to tell you about my "other" dress!

So, as promised:

I decided I wanted a shorter dress, you know, for dancing. So, I started looking. I thought something just past knee length (I hate my knees for some odd reason, so would prefer not to show them off). Maybe a full-ish skirt. V-neck. As we were looking for MOB dresses, I kept my eyes open for anything that fit that description, but I didn't have my hopes up. I didn't want to spend a lot (I figured maybe $100 if the dress was perfect, otherwise much less). I didn't want it to be too fussy. I just wanted simple, not expensive. At one point when shopping for my mom's mother-of-the-bride dress, we found a cute ivory dress, v-neck, but it was just shorter than the knees. But it was about $15, on clearance for who-knows-what-reason. So I got it! Can't go wrong for $15.

Then I looked for a slip under it. It wasn't the best skirt, so I wanted it to be more full. I never found a slip, and wasn't sure if I should even change into it. But I packed it in my bride bag and figured I could change into it if I got hot dancing!

Well, after the first dance with Wade, then the father-daughter dance, I was sweating. So off I ran (and missed most of the mother-son dance) and got Cyd to help me change in a hurry. I was back in a flash showing off my dress! I also took that opportunity to put the fun feathered hair thing in my hair (possibly one of my favourite purchases!) and safely packed my mom's veil in my bridal bag.

(Pictures courtesy of (left) a friend's facebook, and (right) Unveiled Photography)

However, I had a predicament after a couple hours of dancing. What good is a garter toss if you are wearing a short dress? So off I went and came back out wearing the original dress! It had cooled down (I think they turned the fans or a/c on), and I much preferred dancing away in my bridal gown for the rest of the night:

(Pictures courtesy of two friends' facebooks)

And so, Marie, I hope that answers your question!

"Good night, good night! Parting is such / sweet sorrow, / That I shall say good night till it be morrow." (Shakespeare)


Nicole said...

haha cute that you went back into the original dress.

might not have been as nice of a garter moment without being able to leave much up to the imagination ;)

Brandy said...

Hey it's not really goodbye it's more of a "see you later" you know, like at your other blog!
Really been loving the photo recaps! And way to go on being the quick change bride! The short dress is cute and you can probably wear it again!
Later alligator!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

$15!! Wow. And you look amazing in it.

Marie said...

Yeay! Thanks so much for explaining. The cute little dress is an awesome idea and looks great, and yes it can get hot in the big dress :) See you on the other blog! M xx

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