Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For sale: my wedding stuff

I've posted so much of my wedding stuff for sale: candle holders, candles, vases, a crinoline (that I didn't end up wearing), a ring bearer pillow (the one that wasn't used!), the pew bows.

I posted them on Craig's List and Wedding Bee. I just hope they sell fast! I posted them for a little more on Wedding Bee only because I will probably have to ship them in the price (most buyers on Wedding Bee, in my experience, ask for shipping included), so that'll cover the shipping.

I'm still not sure what to do with my wedding dress. Do I sell it? Preserve it? I can't see myself saving it for a potential daughter to wear - this hypothetical girl should pick out her own dress if she ever marries! I'm not ready to get rid of it (yet), but seeing as how I've already gained 10 lbs since the wedding (damn France honeymoon ... and lack of motivation since returning), so it already won't fit! So I'm not sure what to do. Thoughts?

If you're interested, here are the Updated links:


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Can you send your craig's list link so I can post on my site? Thanks!

As for the dress, how about The Bride's Project? http://www.thebridesproject.com/

Marie said...

I'm struggling with the same thing for my dress. I really want to keep it but know I won't do anything with it. And some extra money wouldn't go amiss! I guess you just have to see what decisions time brings.

Halsey said...

I think if I were in your shoes I would either have it made into something (i.e. a quilt or throw pillows?) or I would donate it!

yunya212 said...

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