Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Now that we have the photographer booked, we have to consider videography. I have two friends, Dave & Pam, who incidentally are celebrating their wedding anniversary today. They say the biggest regret from their wedding is that they didn't film their vows.

I seriously considered what Dave & Pam said. Is the ceremony something that I would like to see again? Or can pictures tell the story of the ceremony? I think pictures can certainly tell a story, but they can't capture words. So I think I would like a video made.

So that leaves a few questions. Can we videotape the ceremony ourselves? Maybe, but we'd need a tripod and a reliable microphone. However, one camera might not have the best view, or even might become blocked. We'd probably want more than one camera, but then we'd have to edit the videos. That sounds like too much work, since we don't know how to edit videos!

If we booked a videographer / cinematographer, then we'd have to seriously consider what we want filmed. Obviously, the ceremony is of greatest importance. But what about the speeches/toasts during the dinner? I'd love to be able to review those moments. But, as Wade has rightly pointed out, we really can't spend money on everything we want. Costs range from $250 - $3000 (and up), depending on the duration of coverage and the individual business. We don't have unlimited money, though it'd be nice if we won the next Lotto 6/49!

What do you think? In your opinion, what aspects of the wedding day MUST we have filmed?

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Joce said...

Greg and I have a camera, and I'm sure we could find a friend to record the vows/speeches!