Tuesday, July 1, 2008


... We have our package chosen. It's a customized package, because none of the packages was exactly what we were looking for. It has less than package 3, but different details than what is available in package 2. We're really happy with this option!

And, of course, given the date, I must say "Happy Canada Day"!

As a random trivia, can you answer these questions on Canada Day:

1) Who was our first prime minister?
2) What does Canada Day commemorate?
3) What part of the Canadian Constitution protects our rights and freedoms?
4) What is the slogan of our constituion?
(a) Liberty, equality, fraternity
(b) Peace, order and good government
(c) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
(d) From sea to sea ("A mari usque ad mare")
5) In what year was Confederation? (Bonus if you can name where it occurred)
6) Who is our CURRENT head of state?
7) In what decade of the 20th century were Canadian women first given the right to vote?
8) Which of the following chains is Canadian-owned?
(a) The Hudson's Bay Company ("The Bay")
(b) Laura Secord
(c) The Second Cup
(d) Tim Hortons
9) In what year did the most recent province join Canada?
10) In what year did the most recent territory join Canada? (I hope you didn't say Nunavut was the most recent province to join Canada!)

Write your answers down somewhere, then click on the comments to find out the answers! Bonus if you can answer them all without looking them up on wikipedia! :)

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Krista said...

1) Sir John A MacDonald
2) Canadian Confederation, when the Dominion of Canada was formed by the joining of PEI, Nova Scotia, Ontario (formerly Upper Canada up to this point) and Quebec (formerly Lower Canada up to this point)
3) The Charter of Rights & Freedoms
4) (b) Peace, order and good government
N.B. A mari usque ad mare is our motto
5) 1867 in Charlottetown
6) Queen Elizabeth II
7) 1910s (I had to look this up)
8) (c) The Second Cup
The rest are Canadian-founded, but no longer Canadian-owned, companies.
9) 1949 (Newfoundland)
10) 1999 (I thought it was 1995, but it turns out that was when they decided they were going to form Nunavut, but it wasn't formed until 1999)

How did you do?