Monday, May 19, 2008

All that glitters is not gold

So I really, really wanted the colour theme to be gold. And I still do! But it's really hard to find nice, subtle shades of gold in bridesmaids dresses. So many shades of gold remind me of New Year's Eve! Given the month and year of my wedding (June in the 21st century), I don't think it'll work!

Reasons I may not have gold bridesmaid dresses:
1) Bridesmaid's Skin Colours:
Most of my bridesmaids are relatively pale, making the shade of gold so very important. Too pale (like a champagne), and they'll look washed out!
2) Available Shades of Gold:
Some of the gold dresses belonged in a documentary about Studio 54, or some other equally blindingly bright costume from the '70s. Not exactly flattering for anyone!
3) Availability of Dresses:
I've found a couple potential dresses, but they are either (a) from a designer not based anywhere near here, (b) only available on-line - yeah, like I'd ask my bridesmaids to order such important (to me) dresses on-line, or (c) far too expensive to ask my bridesmaids to pay.
4) My Dress Colour:
My dress is an "ivory" colour, though to be honest, it looks white. The "white" dresses almost had a touch of blue to them! I'm fairly pale, so the blue-white would make me look like I'm ill! So I wanted a shade of gold that would not look dull beside my dress.

For these reasons, and with the gracious consent of my bridesmaids, who are willing to wear whatever I ask (and have all told me as much), we may switch the colour to red.

Advantages of Red:
1) There are so many shades of red (from rust to crimson to burgundy).
2) Many, many dresses come in so many of those shades of red!
3) The colour (and my bridesmaids) will "pop" even more against my dress, creating a striking contrast.

I am disappointed that the dresses may not be available in gold. But, I'm sure my bridesmaids will look lovely regardless! I may be able to decorate with subtle gold accents, to incorporate the gold colour theme, such as in the invitations or programs.

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