Saturday, June 14, 2008


... Wade & I went to visit a photographer duo last night. We were supposed to go on Wednesday, but that didn't work out on my end. So Friday night it was! It was actually very fun, almost like visiting friends (is that weird for the first time we met someone?!).

We heard of this team through friends of ours, Karyn and Bruce Beacock, who got married 3 years ago. Karyn highly recommended their service, and especially loved that there are 2 photographers. The photography duo are a married couple who mostly photograph weddings. Their website is open and transparent, with pricing breakdowns and an FAQ that actually has useful questions.

When we went to meet them, they had samples of albums they have done in the past. They also had a slideshow of different weddings on display. It was nice; they asked us lots of questions about us, in order to get to know us. But it didn't feel intrusive, it was just comfortable.

Photography is a huge expense, but I think that it's worth it to have the pictures. And I do love the albums they produce. So now, we have to decide what package we would like to customize!

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